What is Business Coaching?

Coaching is not just for sports

Published by ActionCOACH Philippines

What is Business Coaching?

The crucial role of a coach is undeniable in sports. Most people would say that he or she is one of the most critical people behind a team’s win. Without a great coach, an athlete or a team will simply find it tough to win a competition. 

But coaches are not only found inside the court or along the racetrack. Some of them are found not in sports, but in business.

Did you know that many business owners of globally recognized brands have business coaches? These coaches help business owners by providing objective assessment, injecting new knowledge, and enhancing proactiveness and accountability.

How business coaches get businesses and owners into shape

1| Objectivity

Business coaches can provide an objective, unbiased, and educated perspective when looking at your business’ strengths, weaknesses, and strategies from outside in. They can give praise or criticism to help you improve. Not only can they bring in a fresh perspective, they can also bring in years of experience into your business. They will combine your history and inputs with the experiences of hundreds of other businesses to bring in new directions that will drive your growth.

Whether its existing products and strategies, personnel evaluation, location decisions or other decisions critical to the business, your business coach is there to give you direct, actionable advise so that you can make the right decisions and take the right actions.

2| Injecting knowledge

They introduce new knowledge, tried-and-tested methods and strategies, and holistic advice on the business. Great coaches not only have a deep playbook of different tips and strategies, but also know where to find expertise when it’s needed. By both bringing knowledge and also connecting you with the right people or suppliers, coaches help accelerate your learning process.

In addition, business coaches act as a sounding board for new ideas and projects. It can be lonely leading a business, and a great business coach is there to listen to ideas, help you prioritize & refine them and, if needed, to eliminate ideas that would defocus you and the business. They are there to mentor you to bring you your full entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities so that you can continue to drive growth

3| Action and accountability

Most importantly, business coaches hold the business owner accountable and ensure that all action plans are implemented. Many owners have great ideas and know how to grow their business, but are often too busy running the business that they do not have time to grow it. Coaches ensure you are on track, and give you the motivation and the push to take a step back to work ON the business and not just IN the business.

Through regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions, business coaches ensure that you always keep your momentum moving forwards, minimize distractions and ensure that the business continues to grow.

Business Coaches and mentors have been critical to the success of many entrepreneurs and executives. What's important is finding the right one that can help you take a step back from the business so that you can work on growing it, instead of just running.

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